1. How do you season a L’Arbalète carbon steel pan?
    – Boil water for a few minutes in the pan, pour it off and wipe it clean.
    – Pour a centimeter of oil in the pan and heat for approximately 5 minutes.
    – Pour off the oil and wipe it clean with a paper towel.
    – Now the pan is ready to use.
    – The more pan is used, the better it will become. The ”non-stick” effect will become better the darker the pan gets.
    – Do not keep the pan humid.
  2. What is the difference between a L’Arbalète carbon steel pan and a cast iron pan?
    The weight is the biggest difference. A L’Arbalète carbon steel pan is more than half the weight of a cast iron pan.
    Cast iron pans are known for becoming smother the more they are used, while the L’Arbalète carbon steel pans have a smooth surface from the beginning.
  3. Is it ok to use steel utensils in a carbon steel pan?
    If you have steel utensils that scratch the surface after you have developed the patina surface on the L’Arbalète carbon steel pan, maybe you might see the silvery color. This will not effect the pan negatively.
  4. Can the pans be used in oven, does the handles withstand the heat?
    All L’Arbalètes carbon steel pans can be used in oven. They can slo be used on the grill.
  5. Can the pan when it is hot or should it be cleaned when it is cold?
    You can clean it hot, but not too hot. If you hit a pan that is too hot with water, it can cause warping. We suggest allowing it to cool so the water does not boil off immediately. Once cooled down, clean normally with a stiff brush.
  6. Are the carbon steel pans lead, cadmium and petroleum free?
    Yes, it is made of steel. Steel is iron and carbon.